Volcanic landscapes have something special, the sea colors and people are different.

My grandmother told me that on moonlit nights under the sea, droplet to droplet, they drew magic.

I never thought of it at all, though I spent my childhood beating own record of breathing underwater. Maybe I did not realize that, in fact, was looking for something. And maybe that was the perfect place for the birth of our magic mark, Agüita stage.

Inspired by each and every one of the women that have marked our lives, since 1998 we are faithful to our style.

It is important to know who hides behind the product when you buy an Aguita, are promoting the "made in Barcelona", supporting small local manufacturers  fabrics, threads and elastic. Committed to quality and 100% respecting the environment.

And the most important thing; You are buying an original, creative and unique product, one that invades of joy and color all beaches.

Thanks for being part of this.